Manufacturing Flash Tool

Manufacturing Flash Tool 6.0

Flashes the stock firmware of dual Android and Windows tablets
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Flash and set various configurations to dual OS mobile devices with Intel chipsets. See the flashing statistics including the number of tries and number of failed attempts.

Manufacturing Flash tool is used to secure the device firmware K900 (K5) via the USB-cable of the following software: IAFW/DNX/AOS and modem firmware (while this is not possible).
Manufacturing Flash tool is a Lenovo K900 rom firmware.

K5 Manufacturing tool usermanual
Manufacturing Flash Tool is the one-stop downloading tool of K5, use the tool to download “IAFW/DNX/AOS” all and Modem Firmware (right now Modem can’t be used), the procedures to install below about the needed drivers and relative software !
1.IntelAndroidDrvSetup1.2.0 - android usb driver for Intel Mobile device
2.iSocUSB-Driver-Setup-1.0.2.exe - Atom SOC usb driver
3.ManufacturingFlashTool_Setup_6.0.2.exe - One site manufacturing downloading tool

Notice: this version has contradiction with K800, the old version. before installing, delete the old version’s driver.

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